Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Class 5-404 blogs...

Class 5-404 blogs...

These blogs were originally created in the computer lab under the direction of Mr. Casal using their PS 10 Google Apps for Education accounts. Since their initial creation the students have taken 100% control of the direction and content that appears on their blogs (while meeting the guidelines of the PS 10 acceptable use policy)

These blogs were started in 2012 when the students were in the 4th grade. It was the first foray of any class into the world of student-driven blogging. Prior to this students comment on teacher-written posts. This was an opportunity to give students control of their digital publishing.
(roughly 10 students are new to the class this year, so their blogs are not as robust and populate yet)

Some posts are on specific topics with specific guidelines set forth by Mr. Casal. Some posts are entirely independent free writes, completely inspired by the students alone. The layout and design of the blogs is similarly guided, some layout elements are required, but for the most part the students are free to design as they see fit.

When they leave PS 10 if they would like to keep their blogs they will be able to change ownership to a personal Google account.

These blogs are intended to be student directed & controlled creative outlets to showcase their talents...

Ajax: http://newyorkknicksajax.blogspot.com/
Amelia: http://splapaint.blogspot.com/
Brisa: http://brisafkane.blogspot.com/
Caleb: http://calebkoolstuff.blogspot.com/
Carter: http://carterkportfolio.blogspot.com/
CC: http://crazyccwarriors.blogspot.com/
Elsa: http://bornothology.blogspot.com/
George: http://george-minecraft.blogspot.com/
Hershel: http://dibikg.blogspot.com/
Ian: http://iansgportfolio.blogspot.com/
Justice: http://justicecportfolio.blogspot.com/
Kai: http://kaisportfolio.blogspot.com/
Leandro: http://lg123soccer.blogspot.com/
Lauren: http://msmythology.blogspot.com/
Maddie: http://more-maddie.blogspot.com/
Marvin: http://marvinhportfolio.blogspot.com/
Max: http://veyronmine.blogspot.com/
Nora: http://norakhportfolio.blogspot.com/
Michelangelo: http://mikedoodlesies.blogspot.com/
Nyklos: http://wilsonbasketball.blogspot.com/
Owen C: http://oacthinks.blogspot.com/
Owen T: http://taberthoughts.blogspot.com/
Rajesh: http://rajeshsreptiles.blogspot.com/
Taylor: http://taylorjsportfolio.blogspot.com/
Tim: http://nbatimothy.blogspot.com/
Tristyn: http://insanityblogyea.blogspot.com/
Unni: http://greekmyth-unni.blogspot.com/
Waheeb: http://waheebpportfolio.blogspot.com/

And just becuase I think it's great to see:
Tomer is a former student and was a member of the class when we started the blogs. His family moved out of state but he has maintained his blog. It's great to see him keeping up even though he's no longer at PS 10!

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