Word Wall

We will be adding words to this list throughout the year...

  • Desktop - The background image of a display screen, on which windows, icons, and other graphical items appear
  • Icons - An icon is a small picture or symbol on a graphical user interface (GUI) that represents a program (or command), file, directory (also called a folder) or device (such as a hard disk or floppy)
  • Dock - The launching pad for applications in the Macintosh. Working like an animated taskbar, the Dock was introduced with Mac OS X
  • Window - A window is a (usually) rectangular portion of the display on a computer monitor that presents its contents (e.g., the contents of a directory, a text file or an image) seemingly independently of the rest of the screen. Windows are one of the elements that comprise a graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Finder - The part of the Macintosh operating system that gives it the Mac "look and feel." It also provides file management (copy, delete, rename files) and control of the desktop icons, windows, Clipboard and Scrapbook as well as the application startup interface
  • Log in - To sign in to an account on the computer, sometimes using a password
  • Log out - To close out of a users account, returning to the log in screen
  • quick keys/keyboard shortcuts - Key combinations used to perform functions instead of using the mouse to click.  For example, Command (apple)- W closes a window.  Click here for a full list of shortcuts
  • URL (Uniform Resource Locator) - simply put it's a web address. Here is the Wikipedia definition, but in essence a URL is an address on the internet (Wikipedia mentions the origianl, full description including HTTP which browsers now automatically add when tyoiing in an address). Here is another good description of a URL with related information.