Feel free to comment here with:

  • Ideas for blog assignments
  • Ideas for in-class assignments
  • Links to interesting things you've found
  • Resources or links you would like to see on the blog
  • Any other suggestions you may have

I would love to here from students, no promises that we can make every suggestion happen, but I will certainly do my best to make them happen.



WyattR said...

This is the link.
In the video one of two planes with skydivers' wing broke off causing a fiery explosion . All 9 skydivers survived and the pilot was taken to the hospital to treat minor cuts.

Ella N. said...

For Spring Break, we should have to write what we are doing or what we wish to do and why. We should write if we are excited and why or why not.

We should instead have to write a story about whatever genre you pick-non-fiction , fiction,fantasy,or opinions.

AminE said...

What we should do is write what did we do during our weeks off. We should also write were we went how fun we had.
That would be really fun.
We should write 2 things we want to do, 2 things we like about computers and what we like about school. I think we will all have fun with that. It will be fun to write about ourselves and you, teachers should do it to

Ella N. said...

I think that next vacation we have, we could watch this video that I found online about the future of technology at!619326FF-B64B-4A2C-A226-3736216F721E

Ella N. said...

I think that we should learn about how programming and robotics effect the world.