This is the new homepage of Mr. Casal's Computer Lab.
This page contains curriculum outlines, resources, and student work. This is the central hub of Mr. Casal's classes at PS 10. All work, including vacation blog assignments in Grades 3-5 will now be done here, at ps10tech.blogspot.com.
A little background on Mr. Casal...
Mr. Casal has been a technology teacher and technology coordinator within the NYCDOE since 2003. He has taught at both the elementary & middle school level in that time (prior teaching experience also includes high school students at Boston University).
Prior to teaching Mr. Casal was at the forefront of streaming media, working for Ziff Davis Media during the dotcom boom of the late 90s. He built broadcast facilities, media encoders,  developed programming, shot & edited feature stories, and covered conferences such as COMDEX and PC Expo for PC Week/eWeek and ZCast.tv. Some highlights include being backstage, engineering live webcasts, for such seminal tech events as Bill Gates crashing Windows 98,  ZDTV's launch party with Devo and President Clinton's remarks at COMDEX 2000.
Since coming to PS 10 in 2009 Mr. Casal has upgraded all the technology in the building. Every classroom has at least 1 iMac & at least one MacBook running 10.6 or better. The lab las 32 iMacs running 10.7 and all work is server based so students can access work from any machine though unique accounts. Currently Mr. Casal is also integrating Google Apps, iPads & Chromebooks into the technology experience at PS 10. By June of 2014 all students in grades 2-5 will be working within PS 10's Google Apps environment, having access to their work from any internet-connected device in the world.
If you have any questions regarding PS 10s technology or curriculum feel free to contact Mr. Casal at any time.