Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Class 3-311 blogs

Class 3-311 blogs...

These blogs have been created in the computer lab under the direction of Mr. Casal.

The purpose of these blogs is to lay the foundation of a living portfolio, a place where students can post their work and publishing their writing, ongoing, during their time here at PS 10. The hope is as the begin the middle school application process in two years they will be able to show their blogs as timelines of their life as students, examples of the writing, and authentic demonstrations of their growth as students and people over the years.

Some posts are on specific topics with specific guidelines set forth by Mr. Casal. Some posts are entirely independent free writes, completely inspired by the students alone. The layout and design of the blogs is similarly guided, some layout elements are required, but for the most part the students are free to design as they see fit.

These blogs are intended to be student directed & controlled creative outlets to showcase their talents...

Ally: http://allyarportfolio.blogspot.com/
Kate A: http://kateaportfolio.blogspot.com/
Isis: http://isiscportfolio.blogspot.com/
Sophia: http://sophiaeportfolio.blogspot.com/
Phineas: http://phineasfportfolio.blogspot.com/
Helen: http://helenfportfolio.blogspot.com/
Bella: http://bellafportfolio.blogspot.com/
Mada: http://madagportfolio.blogspot.com/
Olivia: http://oliviagportfolio.blogspot.com/
Lena: http://lenagportfolio.blogspot.com/
Haley: http://haleyhportfolio.blogspot.com/
Jacob: http://jacobhbportfolio.blogspot.com/
Gus: http://gushportfolio.blogspot.com/
Ella: http://ellajportfolio.blogspot.com/
Nick: http://nickkportfolio.blogspot.com/
Brian: http://brianksportfort.blogspot.com/
Katie M: http://kateemportfolio.blogspot.com/
Camilo: http://camilomporfolio.blogspot.com/
Zenichi: http://zenmportfolio.blogspot.com/
Eshaan: http://eshaannportfolio.blogspot.com/
Knox: http://knoxoportfolio.blogspot.com/
Casey: http://caseypportfolio.blogspot.com/
Sequoia: http://sequoiarportfoloi.blogspot.com/
Banjo: http://banjosportfolio.blogspot.com/
Milo: http://milosportfolio.blogspot.com/
Naomi: http://naomifsportfolio.blogspot.com/
Josie: http://josiesportfolio.blogspot.com/
Gabriel: http://gabrieltportfolio.blogspot.com/
Katherine T: http://katherinetportfolio.blogspot.com/
Jaila: http://jailatportfolio.blogspot.com/
Theo: http://theoyportfolio.blogspot.com/


CaseyP said...

You should definitely add more class blogs!

GusH said...

Add a blog list for every class in PS 10!

KnoxO said...

I agree with Gus!