Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Why isn't my comment posted?"

That is a questions I get a lot.

Students will do the homework assignment, maybe even re-post a comment multiple times, and never see it published.

Before I get into why a comment isn't published let me remind students of the only appropriate way to sign a comment:

  • In the "Choose an Identity" field select the "Name/URL" option
  • Enter first name and last initial ONLY
    • Leave the URL field empty
  • An example of a properly signed comment is: JohnS or MikeT

It will look like this:

Once you "Publish Your Comment" if you have done it correctly you will see this at the top of the page:

Please allow 24 hours for me to see review the comment. There is no need to re-post a comment within those first 24 hours. 

Why isn't your comment published? Here are a few reasons...

  • You used your full name, including first & last, in your post
    • I will not publish any comments that include full first & last names
  • You posted as "Anonymous"
    • I can't publish a comment if I don't know who wrote it
  • You were logged in as your parent or another Google Account
    • I will not publish comments that have any name other than a student's first name & last initial
  • You put something into the URL field, turning your name into a link
    • I will not publish a comment with a linked name - leave the URL field empty

Remember, only use first name & last initial to get your comment published!

Please review the video tutorial here & feel free to post comments here with questions or send me an email.


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