Friday, September 13, 2013

Week 1 is in the books!

The first week of school is officially behind us!

This week was an entire week of firsts. Every period was a new class (with one exception - Ms. Bookman's class is the only one that has Computers 2x a week). We got all of the "first day" stuff out of the way, the rules & routines...
... next week we get into the nitty gritty....

  • 2nd grade - we'll be reviewing login procedures, basic vocabulary and discussing password creation
  • 3rd grade - same as 2nd plus organizing last year's work into new folders - a quick folder creation & management lesson
  • 4th grade - same as 3rd plus the beginning a re-fresher Word document (a quick assignment to review what was learned last year).
  • 5th grade - same as 4th, but the goal will be to start & finish the document in less than 20 minutes

Each year I build on the last. Each year we start by reviewing the previous year. The initial document is a way to do a quick assessment of the things remembered & forgotten (much like the initial reading assessments all teachers give in September). As the grades progress the document should be easier and easier to handle, hence the diminishing time allotted.

The next 2 weeks will be about all of that as well as troubleshooting. After a summer of shut-down the machines often need a little fine-tuning. We also ensure all student accounts are functioning properly, software is updated, and so forth. By the beginning of October we will be full-steam-ahead on projects and Google Apps for all grades...

Looking forward to it!

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